• The EU Organic Certificate serves as an official recognition bestowed upon agricultural commodities and food products that meticulously adhere to the rigorous organic farming and processing standards established by the European Union (EU). It signifies that these products have been cultivated and processed in strict accordance with defined organic agricultural practices and handling protocols.
  • Significance: The paramount significance of the EU Organic Certificate lies in its capacity to instill unwavering confidence in consumers. This certificate serves as a testament that the certified products are cultivated without the utilization of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or artificial additives. Moreover, it champions the cultivation of these products through ecologically responsible and sustainable farming practices.
  • Nelkoski Organic Food, as a steadfast advocate of organic principles, proudly boasts the attainment of the EU Organic Certificate. This prestigious certification underscores the fact that their organic hazelnuts are cultivated devoid of any synthetic chemicals or GMOs, impeccably aligning with the stringent organic regulations set forth by the EU.

European Commission page that provides information about organic production and the EU organic standards:

  • The IFS Certificate stands as a globally recognized benchmark for food safety and quality management. It meticulously outlines stringent requisites pertaining to food safety and quality control within the ambit of food processing and production.
  • Significance: The paramount importance of the IFS certificate transcends geographical boundaries. Its attainment underscores a resolute commitment to the production of food products that not only meet but consistently exceed the stringent criteria governing safety and quality. This certification holds profound significance in engendering trust among consumers, aligning with legal stipulations, and granting access to international markets of discerning quality-consciousness.
  • Nelkoski Organic Food's unwavering adherence to the IFS standard serves as a resounding testament to their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of food safety and quality. This commitment is an assurance to consumers that their organic hazelnut products meticulously comply with the rigorous standards pertaining to both safety and quality.

For more detailed information on the IFS Certificate, please visit the official IFS website.

  • The ISO 22000 Certificate stands as a universally acknowledged standard for food safety management systems. It comprehensively addresses various facets of food safety, including meticulous hazard analysis, implementation of stringent control measures, and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Significance: The ISO 22000 certification carries substantial significance as it attests to a company's unwavering dedication to safeguarding the integrity and safety of its food products at every stage, from production to consumption. This certification serves as a potent instrument in enhancing an organization's credibility, mitigating the risk of foodborne illnesses, and cultivating consumer confidence.
  • Nelkoski Organic Food's exemplary ISO 22000 certification serves as an unequivocal demonstration of their unwavering commitment to upholding the most exacting standards of food safety across their production processes.

For more comprehensive details regarding the ISO 22000 Certificate, please visit the official ISO website.

  • The HALAL Certificate is an official endorsement affirming that food products and related processes fully adhere to the dietary laws prescribed by Islamic traditions. It certifies that these products are meticulously prepared in strict accordance with Halal principles.
  • Significance: The HALAL certification carries profound importance, particularly for Muslim consumers, as it serves as an unequivocal guarantee that the certified products are not only permissible but also conform to the stringent dietary requirements outlined in Islamic traditions. This certification significantly broadens the market for food companies, enabling them to cater to the specific needs of Muslim consumers.
  • Nelkoski Organic Food's distinguished HALAL certification underscores the suitability of their hazelnut products for Muslim consumers. This certification serves as a tangible assurance that their products meticulously align with the Halal dietary guidelines, thus catering to the preferences and dietary requirements of the Muslim community.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the HALAL Certificate, please visit the official HALAL Certification Authority website.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points:

  • HACCP is a methodical and systematic approach designed to identify, assess, and manage food safety hazards comprehensively. It prioritizes hazard prevention throughout the entire food production process rather than relying solely on inspection of the finished product.
  • Significance: HACCP certification assumes paramount significance as it empowers companies to proactively confront food safety risks at their source. It is a preventive measure of the utmost importance, ensuring that food products are inherently safe for consumption by systematically addressing potential hazards.
  • Nelkoski Organic Food's steadfast implementation of HACCP principles exemplifies their dedication to the highest standards of food safety. Through this approach, potential food safety hazards within their production processes are methodically identified and meticulously controlled.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the HACCP certification, please visit the official HACCP International website.

BIO Suisse Certificate

  • Definition: The BIO Suisse Certificate is an exclusive certification specific to Switzerland. It serves as an official recognition of compliance with stringent organic farming standards meticulously crafted by Bio Suisse, an organization steadfastly advocating for the cause of organic agriculture.
  • Significance: The BIO Suisse certificate holds immense importance as it serves as a gateway to the Swiss market, affirming a company's dedication to adhering to Swiss organic farming practices and sustainability benchmarks. This certification epitomizes a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of organic cultivation.
  • Illustrative Instance: Nelkoski Organic Food's distinguished BIO Suisse certificate stands as a tangible testament to their unwavering allegiance to Swiss organic standards. This certification unequivocally validates the exceptional quality and unwavering sustainability of their organic product range.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the BIO Suisse Certificate, please visit the official BIO Suisse website.

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