First Bio Cooperative

We are excited to share with you the journey and aspirations of the First Bio Cooperative, based in the serene village of Draslajca, Struga, North Macedonia. Established with a vision to harness collective strengths for innovative agricultural and food production advancements, our cooperative proudly encompasses 14 dedicated producers to date.

The essence of First Bio Cooperative lies in unity and progressive thinking. Inspired by successful models in Western Europe, we are committed to creating enhanced conditions for our growers, ensuring a collaborative environment that fosters growth and sustainability. Our belief is firm in the power of cooperation to revolutionize the agricultural sector, providing our members with the tools and knowledge necessary for thriving in today’s competitive landscape.

So far, our cooperative has embarked on significant initiatives to empower our community. A notable milestone was a study visit to Germany, where we gained invaluable insights into advanced agricultural practices and the potential for international cooperation. Additionally, in collaboration with local associations, we have successfully organized organic fairs in the Struga and Ohrid regions, showcasing our commitment to sustainable farming and organic production.

Our engagement with local schools stands as a testament to our dedication to education and community development. Through hands-on sessions, we enlighten students about EU-standard food production, emphasizing the importance of modernization and access to superior machinery and support through the EU’s IPARD program.

Looking ahead, First Bio Cooperative envisions a future where our initiatives expand to include:

  • Sustainable Energy Projects: Implementing renewable energy sources in our production processes, aiming for a reduced carbon footprint and enhanced efficiency.
  • Expansion of Organic Product Ranges: Diversifying our offerings to include more organic fruits, vegetables, and value-added products, meeting the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food choices.
  • Technology Integration: Leveraging technology for precision agriculture, enhancing crop yields, and reducing environmental impact, ensuring our producers are at the forefront of agricultural innovation.
  • Community Educational Programs: Extending our educational outreach, offering workshops and seminars on sustainable farming practices, organic certification processes, and market access strategies.
  • Collaborative Research and Development: Partnering with academic institutions and research organizations to explore innovative farming techniques and sustainable practices, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to global trends.

Our cooperative is not just a collective of farmers; it’s a movement towards a sustainable, productive, and innovative future in agriculture. We are excited about the prospects and opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to strengthening our partnerships, both locally and internationally, as we venture into these new endeavors.

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