Nelkoski Organic Food - From Local Recognition to Global Acclaim

Nelkoski Organic Food, renowned for its organic hazelnuts and exquisite hazelnut-based products, has garnered attention not only in national Macedonian media but also on the international stage. The company’s commitment to transparent farming practices and the exceptional quality of Macedonian products has made headlines.

In the national spotlight, Nelkoski Organic Food has graced popular Macedonian TV shows such as Vezilka, Brazdi on Kanal 5, TVM Ohrid, and Alfa TV, sharing insights into their organic farming methods and dedication to delivering top-notch products.

Internationally, the company has been recognized for its organic hazelnut offerings, poised to capture European markets. Its adherence to stringent organic standards and sustainable practices has earned accolades in global media, solidifying its position in the international organic food industry.

Nelkoski Organic Food’s journey from local recognition to global prominence underscores the significance of promoting sustainable farming and showcasing the exceptional quality of Macedonian products. With its commitment to transparency and organic principles, the company continues to shine in both national and international media.

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