University Students for Practical Experience at Nelkoski Organic Food

At Nelkoski Organic Food, we are passionate about contributing to the practical education of future professionals. We are thrilled to have hosted university students for practice across various departments, providing them with a comprehensive, hands-on experience in the dynamic world of organic food production and business management.

  1. Finance and Legal Department: Our Finance and Legal department is the backbone of our operations, handling everything from accounting and billing to legal agreements on both national and international levels. Students in this department get a real-world understanding of financial management, document handling related to sales, and intricacies of international payments, offering them invaluable insights into the financial workings of a global enterprise.
  1. Marketing Department: The Marketing department offers a creative playground for students interested in marketing, design, social media content development, photography, and art. We encourage collaboration with our staff and external marketing and branding company, fostering a nurturing environment for innovative ideas. Notably, students from BAPUSS University in Belgrade and Northampton University of London have contributed here, with one remarkable achievement being the development of packaging for our Ohrid Crunchy Cream.
  2. Electronic and Mechanics Department: This department provides a technical learning environment where students can work with machinery, electronics, and the synchronization of manufacturing processes. It’s an ideal place for those interested in the mechanical and electronic aspects of food production, offering hands-on experience with advanced industrial equipment.
  1. Solar Power Plant: In our solar power plant, students specializing in electronics, IT, mechatronics, or mechanics can apply their knowledge in a real-world setting. This experience is particularly valuable for those interested in renewable energy and its application in industry.
  2. Post-Harvest Factory Department: Here, students learn about new production techniques for organic products, including post-collection, cleaning, storage, and more. This department is essential for understanding the entire process from raw material to final product, including drying techniques and other post-production details.

6. Sales Department: The Sales department offers insights into national and international sales. Students can learn how to prepare a sale, formulate formal offers, work with buyers, and understand international trade and forwarding. This experience is crucial for understanding the global market dynamics and customer relations.

7. Food Technologies and New Product Development: Here, students have the opportunity to work on the development of new products and flavors. This department is crucial for students to understand the innovation process in food technology and product development. Working alongside experienced professionals, they contribute to and learn from the process of bringing new, exciting products to market, a vital experience for any aspiring food technologist.

Through our comprehensive internship programs across these diverse departments, Nelkoski Organic Food is dedicated to shaping well-rounded professionals equipped with practical skills and industry knowledge. Our approach to practical education ensures that students are not only prepared for their future careers but also contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of the organic food industry.

BAPUSS University Students' Practical Experience at Nelkoski Organic Food

Nelkoski Organic Food, a pioneer in the organic food industry, recently had the pleasure of hosting students from the highly renowned BAPUSS University in Belgrade, Serbia. This collaboration provided these bright students with an exceptional opportunity to apply their academic learning in a real-world setting, working alongside our experienced team and esteemed partners.

A Unique Learning Opportunity: The students from BAPUSS University joined us for a practical experience that combined education, innovation, and creativity. Their primary project was to contribute to the new design of the packaging for three of our cream products, a task that demanded both creativity and an understanding of market dynamics.

Collaboration with Industry Experts: This project was a collaborative effort involving our in-house marketing team and partners from the Sefidanis Research Centre, Saint Paul University in Ohrid, and Kasarna Hub in Ohrid. The students had the invaluable opportunity to work alongside experts in the field, gaining insights into the nuances of product branding and marketing in the organic food sector.

Hands-On Experience in Packaging Design: Throughout their time with us, the students were actively involved in the conceptualization, design, and execution stages of the packaging development. Their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas were instrumental in creating a unique and appealing design for our products, particularly the Ohrid Crunchy cream. This hands-on experience in a real business environment provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and rewards of product marketing.

Outcomes and Achievements: The result of this collaboration was remarkable. The new packaging design for the Ohrid Crunchy cream, influenced by the creativity and hard work of the BAPUSS University students, has been widely acclaimed for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. This success story is a testament to the importance of practical experience in higher education and the value of university-industry collaborations.

At Nelkoski Organic Food, we are proud to contribute to the professional growth of students by providing them with opportunities to apply their academic knowledge in real-world scenarios. The success of our collaboration with BAPUSS University students highlights our commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals and the mutual benefits of such partnerships. We look forward to continuing our support for educational initiatives that bridge the gap between academia and industry.

British UONL Students' Practical Journey at Nelkoski Organic Food

At Nelkoski Organic Food, we recently had the privilege of welcoming students from the University of Northampton in London (UONL). This initiative offered these aspiring professionals an exceptional opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the intricate world of food certification practices and international sales, enhancing their academic knowledge with practical skills.

Engaging in Certification Practices: The students from UONL delved into the critical area of food certification, an essential aspect of the global food industry. Working closely with our team, they learned about the various standards and procedures required to certify organic food products. This experience provided them with an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment and the importance of compliance in maintaining product integrity and consumer trust.

Exploring International Sales: In addition to certification practices, the UONL students were actively involved in our international sales department. Here, they experienced firsthand the dynamics of global trade, from negotiating deals to understanding the nuances of international marketing. This exposure was instrumental in providing them with a holistic view of the global food market, including the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Collaborative Learning Experience: Collaborating with our experienced staff, the students were encouraged to contribute their ideas and participate in real-world projects. This collaborative approach not only enriched their learning experience but also brought fresh perspectives to our team, fostering a mutually beneficial environment of knowledge exchange.

Outcomes and Impact: The engagement of UONL students at Nelkoski Organic Food was a resounding success, yielding positive outcomes for both the students and our company. The practical skills and insights they gained are invaluable assets that will undoubtedly aid in their future careers. For us, their fresh ideas and enthusiastic participation have been a source of inspiration and innovation.

Our collaboration with the University of Northampton in London is a shining example of the synergy between academic institutions and the industry. At Nelkoski Organic Food, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of industry leaders by providing them with opportunities for real-world application of their academic knowledge. We believe that such partnerships are crucial in shaping well-rounded professionals who are equipped to take on the challenges of the global market.

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