Enriching Vocational Education: Diverse Internship Opportunities at Nelkoski Organic Food

Nelkoski Organic Food is committed to enhancing vocational education by offering a wide range of internship opportunities for students from various vocational schools. Each department within our company is tailored to provide practical learning experiences, aligning with the specific educational focus of these schools.

IT Schools

Students from IT schools can explore our Information Technology department, gaining practical exposure to software and hardware systems. They contribute to the development and maintenance of our IT infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations in a technology-driven environment.

Commercial High Schools

Commercial high school students find their niche in our Finance and Legal Department. They delve into accounting, billing processes, and legal agreements at both national and international levels. This experience equips them with the financial acumen and legal insights essential for careers in business and commerce.

Law Schools

In collaboration with Law schools, students engage with our legal team. They work on contracts, agreements, and legal compliance matters, gaining firsthand experience in navigating the intricacies of legal practices in the corporate world.

Electrical High Schools

Electrical high school students explore our Electronic and Mechanics Department, where they interact with machinery and electronic systems. They focus on the mechanics of food production, applying their electrical knowledge to enhance our industrial operations.

Agronomist High Schools

Agronomist high school students join our team on the hazelnut fields, where they learn about innovative agricultural practices. They gain expertise in sustainable production, pruning techniques, and the operation of modern agricultural machinery.

Mechanical Schools

Mechanical school students find their niche in our Mechanical Department, where they work with a variety of machines and mechanical systems. They contribute to the maintenance and improvement of our production equipment, enhancing their mechanical skills.

Automotive Mechanical Schools

  1.  Automechanical school students have a unique opportunity to work with our vehicles, forklifts, electronic and diesel vehicles, as well as tractors. They gain practical experience in automotive maintenance and repair, preparing for careers in the automotive industry.

Language Gymnasiums

Language gymnasium students immerse themselves in our Sales Department and Social Media Department. They engage in communication with international partners, contributing to language-specific content creation and fostering cross-cultural connections.

Medical High Schools

In partnership with Alfa Medica Plus, students can work with individuals in need of medical assistance and nutrition advice, applying their medical knowledge in practical settings.

Insurance Schools

In partnership with Vienna Insurance Group Macedonia, students interested in insurance practices gain insights into risk management, asset protection, and the intricacies of insurance policies. They work with our external insurance partners, securing our inventories and assets..

Architecture, Arts & Crafts, Industrial and Graphic Design

Students from these fields contribute to our creative processes, adding their artistic perspectives to our packaging and product design. They collaborate with our design team, applying their creativity to enhance the visual aspects of our products.

Cooking, Food, and Beverage Industry

Culinary enthusiasts find their place in our professional kitchens, where they experiment with new recipes and flavors. They work with our chefs to create delightful dishes and contribute to our ever-expanding product range.

Environment (Management, Research)

Environmental studies students engage in sustainability initiatives, focusing on EU organic and BIO suise certification, zero waste policies, and eco-friendly production practices. They conduct research to improve our environmental footprint.

Hairdressing & Beauty

Students from this field collaborate with partner salons in Ohrid and Struga, incorporating hazelnut oil and other natural ingredients into beauty treatments. They learn about skincare and natural beauty products.

Quality, Hygiene, and Safety at Work

Students interested in quality control and workplace safety partner with our team to implement international standards like HACCAP, IFS, HALAL, EU organic, ISO 22000, ensuring the highest quality and safety in our operations.

I.T. (Software/Hardware)

I.T. students work closely with our I.T. systems and technologies, contributing to software development, system maintenance, and the optimization of our digital infrastructure.


Telecommunications students collaborate with our partners in the telecommunications industry to set up and manage communication systems, ensuring seamless connectivity across our facilities.

Sports and Leisure

Students with a passion for sports engage with local sports clubs, supporting youth football and judo clubs in Struga. They promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles among young athletes.

Travel Agency, Tour Operator

Students specializing in travel and tourism partner with our travel agency partners. They gain practical insights into tour planning

To all our partners/participants we provide the following services:

  • Work placements with professional companies in your chosen area;
  • Job shadowing;
  • Work, study and cultural visits for students, teachers, workers and experts of every sector;
  • Meetings, round tables, workshops, conferences and seminars;
  • Business and professional contacts;
  • City center accommodation;
  • Airport Transfer – arrivals and departures;
  • Tutoring and monitoring;
  • Orientation meeting and tour of different cities in Portugal;
  • Pedagogical, cultural and linguistic training courses in small groups with fully qualified teachers;
  • Training courses arranged for professionals;
  • Social events organized;
  • Summer camps;
  • Local Transport by our fleet or local travel pass;
  • Evaluation and final reports;
  • Documents: certificates and Europass;
  • 24 hours emergency support.

  • PIC: 889465072
  • Organizational Number: E10280729
  • Registration Number: 7270461
  • Tax Number: 4026018528480
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